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Set discount rule for collection by percentage price

For example the collection named Skirt has 26 products - they have the different prices
You set up the rule as follow
Discount 10% for whom buys 5 products and more
Discount 20% for whom buys 10 products and more
This is how you set the rule without schedule

And this is how it display on the front site on 2 products included in Skirt collection

The first one, Vila V Neck T-Shirt doesn’t have its own rule so the rule of the collection will display on the product page

The second one, Jack Wills Striped T-Shirt has its own rule so its rule will display instead of the discount rule of the collection

There is a button named ‘’Add range’’: you can set the range so it’s easier for customers to see the discount

How to add rule for collection by discounted amount
How to add rule for collection by Fixed amount

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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