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Add the tag(s) to an order

Use this section to create rules to add tags to orders, customers, and also the order note field.
From the first page of the app interface, click Create a workflow button to set up your rules

Step 1: Select the workflow trigger

Step 2: Set up condition

To set conditions, you can use both IF - AND and IF - OR for the same rule, which saves your time on setting separate rules.
There are 7 categories to set the rules and each of them will have its own criteria, you can refer to this article for the list of criteria
You will see a list of options in the dropdown of criteria option

This is an example to create a rule in order to add the tag if one of the items has a Product Tag containing PDP then add the tag named PDP to that order

Step 3: Add tags
It's possible to add fixed tag(s) or a dynamic tag(s)

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Updated on: 13/06/2022

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