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Auto Tags Customer & Order - Main functions

Auto add tag to Order
Automatically add tags according to the rules for order or customer.
A tag can have multiple conditions. This is a very advanced feature, it helps for segmentation orders and customers.
How to add the tag(s) to an order

Auto add tag to Customers
To filter your customers, you can use the “add tags to customers” feature.
How to add the tag(s) to a customer

Remove tag from order & customer
Order Tagger by Omega app can remove any old tags which might have previously been applied by the app itself or by other third-party apps.
How to remove tag(s) from order(s)

Append tags to the order Note field
Add tags to the order Note field same as orders, all the tags added to the order will be added to the order Note field if you tick this option.
How to add the tag to order's note

You can make a time schedule to remove or update the customer's tag after tag. It helps to run a marketing sale boost.

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Updated on: 13/06/2022

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