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Definition of Product's fields

An order can have many items. In it, each item has condition fields. These conditions will have more options:
one of the items (one of the items),
all of the items (all items),
none of the items (none of the items)

Collection ID
Is the id of the collection containing the product

Collection Title
Is the title of the collection containing the product

Fulfillable Quantity
Quantity of product is available to fulfill, the quantity that can be delivered to the customer, for example, if there are 3 in-stock products but the customer orders 5 products, the fulfillable quantity is 3

Is the name of the product variant: will usually be paired with the product title + title variant

The weight of the product is in grams

Product ID
Is product's ID

Product Price

Product Properties' Name, value
An array of customer information for the item that has been added to the cart. See the example below Estimated between & Vendredi 23 October and Mercredi 28 October are the properties’ name and properties’ value of the item Ae-1000W-1Bvef

Product Quantity
Number of items in the order

Product Sku

Product Tag

Product Title

Product Type

Requires Shipping (true or false)
Does this product require shipping (true = yes, false = no)

Taxable (true or false)
Is this product taxable (true yes, false no)

Variant ID

Variant Title


Inventory of variants ordered
Is the inventory quantity of the variant being purchased

Total inventory of product
Is the total inventory quantity (quantity of inventory) of the whole product with the variant being purchased

Updated on: 24/10/2022

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