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How to add an XML feed to Google Merchant Center

Unlike Content API feed, an XML feed generated in Omega app will not automatically be fed to Google Merchant Center (GMC) unless you create one on GMC. Just follow these steps and your XML feed will be ready to go!

Step 1. Create an XML feed in Omega app and copy the feed URL
From Manage Feed tab, click Add Feed and select XML feed

Once it's done, you can see the feed and click on the XML icon to copy its URL

Step 2. Create a feed on GMC using Schedule Fetch
Switch to your GMC, from Products > Feeds tab, click the add icon to add a new feed

After setting up the targeted countrie(s) and language, you will be able to give it a name and select how to set up your feed. Please choose Scheduled Fetch

Step 3. Paste the copied URL
Upon continuing, you can name the file, select the fetch frequency, and most importantly, use the URL that you just copied from Omega app and paste it in File URL field

Step 4. Click Fetch now on GMC
After clicking Create Feed, you will be redirected to the page similar to below, please click Fetch Now

At some points, there is a difference between the number of products shown in our app and the number of products shown on your GMC, that's likely due to the fact that the scheduled fetch time has not come yet, so Google hasn't updated the newest changes to your feed. In which case, you can also click Fetch Now

Step 5. Wait for Google to fetch the feed
Once the fetch is complete, you can see the correct number of products in Feeds tab and view each product's status. Please note that depending on the total number of products, it will take a few seconds, or a couple of hours

You can also view the issues with this XML feed only from Products > Diagnostics tab

Seeing "Not found on Google" in Diagnosis tab in Omega app?

Do not panic! This is how it's supposed to be. Since XML feed is designed to be fed to multiple destinations other than Google, we won't display any status of those products in our app when you create an XML feed. You can always review their status and issue(s) on the platform to which the XML feed is fed.

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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