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Facebook Events - How to get Facebook App ID (In case you have not created any app yet)

Please kindly refer to the tutorial video here

Step 1: Upgrade your personal Facebook account to a Facebook Developer
After login into your Facebook account, go to and click Get started button at the top of the page

Please follow the instruction there, click Continue

Confirm Contact info then select what's the most descriptive you

Step 2: Create an app
Go to to create a new app
Click Create App

Select an app type as Business then scroll down and click Next

On the Details tab, please fill in the required information then click Create app

Step 3: Basic Settings
Go to the Settings =>> Basic then please add this link to the Privacy Policy URL box

Step 4: Facebook Login Settings
In some cases, if you don't see Facebook Login under Products in the left panel, please click Add Product and Set up Facebook Login

Then, adjust the setting of the development app so that it could work with Omega Facebook Event app, go to the Facebook Login >> Settings then adjust the setting as below, the allowed domain for the JavaScript SDK is

Step 5: App review settings
Go to the App review =>> Permission and Features, check public_profile and request the Advanced access

Step 6: Advanced Settings
Settings >> Advanced >> Application code >> turn on Allow API access to app settings

Step 7: Get the app's ID and app's secret
On the left menu bar, please go to Settings >> Basic you will see the app's ID and app secret there

Then copy the app's ID and app secret >> paste to the fields in our app

In case you had an app already, please refer to this article Facebook Events - How to get Facebook App ID (In case you had an app already)
Facebook Events by Omega App configuration

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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