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Facebook Events - What to do when access token has expired

Facebook Events is designed to pull and update the events constantly, so, in theory, you don't have to do sync events manually every single time you got new events or updates.

But to be able to access the content of the events on your Page, Facebook grants our app an access token. Please note that for security reasons, they just last for a period of time (around 60 days).

Once the access token expires, events don't update and images will be broken

In order to fix this, just remove the existing page and connect our app with Facebook Developer app again:

How to get Facebook App ID (In case you had an app already)

If the login page is blank, it's possible that the access has not been set up yet, please continue with the following steps

In Facebook Developer app, please go to Facebook Login > Settings > Turn on Login with JavaScript and input our domain under Allowed domains for JavaScript SDK

Go to App review > Permission and Features, search for public_profile and click Get advanced access

Go to Settings > Advance > Application code > turn on Allow API access to app settings

Upon saving, please copy and paste the Facebook App ID and Secret from Settings >> Basic to our app

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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