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How to customize Cookies Banner Layout


You can customize your cookies banner here.

You can choose to show the logo, dismiss button, cookies button or show the banner only in the homepage by turning on/off the green button as the image.

Premium plan interface

How to create a policy page? (available on Premium plan)**

You need to type Policy Page title and press the Create button to generate the link. View demo
Then, insert the link to the right box in the image below. Preview
In the policy page, visitors can see/edit/delete their cookies/information. When a visitor submit their email address, they will receive an automated email from the store, containing a redirect link to the modal with respective request.

Free plan interface

In free plan, you need to create a policy page by yourself and paste the link into the box privacy in Design Text

Design color

You can custom color matching so precisely with your current logo or store theme.

Design Text

You can easily change the content of the listed title/message and translate it into your own language.

The app is not supporting dynamic multi-languages just yet
So if changes of the language are needed, it can only be one language or another (basically text editing). If it's a 2-language store, the only solution is to place both languages in the cookie bar as text. They can't change depending on visitors' entrance.

Free plan interface

If you have a policy page, please paste the link into the Privacy Policy box.

Premium plan interface


There are 2 pop-up’s layout options available:
Full width

Corner popup

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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