Integration with AVADA
Learn how to integrate AVADA with your Omega - Order tracking account

Before you start
Integration with AVADA will allow you to trigger Custom events from Omega and you will be able to send communication to your customers using Personalization feature in AVADA. Specifically, with AVADA integration, you can:
Synchronize contacts to AVADA App from Omega - Order tracking for all incoming new orders
Custom events are triggered in AVADA for each Omega - Order tracking shipment status: info received, in transit, out for delivery, delivered, failed attempt, exception
Based on triggered events you can send different messages via AVADA depending on the shipment status changes in Omega - Order tracking
You can personalized messages in AVADA by including tracking number, tracking URL, latest location, shipping address from Omega - Order tracking
Setup process

Make sure you have an active AVADA account
Go to tab Integration and click Connect in Omega - Order tracking

Sign in your account and go to Manage keys in AVADA

Copy and paste the App ID and Secret key into the Omega - Order tracking

That’s it! Custom events in AVADA App are created and will be triggered accordingly.

How it works

Once you enable Omega - Order tracking app, the following custom events will be created in your AVADA account:
Omega Info Received - shipment information is created/received in Omega. Tracking URL and tracking number is available to use in personalization
Omega In Transit - shipment is in transit. The latest location information is available to use in personalization.
Omega Out for Delivery - shipment is in the last delivery phase, i.e. waiting for a pick-up.
Omega Delivered - shipment is successfully delivered.
Omega Failed Attempt - is triggered when shipment couldn’t be delivered, i.e. no one was at home.
Omega Exception - is triggered when shipment status is changed by courier to the exception.
Each of these events will carry certain information that can be added to the content of your messages with a personalization feature.

Later, these events can be used to trigger the Automation workflows in AVADA.

How to send personalized notifications of shipment updates in AVADA?

Make sure the AVADA integration in Omega - Order tracking app is successful
Go to AVADA and click on tab Automation

Click New workflow

Scroll down and Click to choose Omega - Order tracking under Integration

Choose one of two options for your emails

Now, you can freely customize your automation workflow with the Order status and tracking information triggered from Omega - Order tracking

If you have any questions or any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected]
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