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TikTok Best Practices: Set up CLICK_ID to your Ad URL for better matching & attribution

When it comes to TikTok being able to tell which ads got the sales, it’s crucial that you give it the best data possible.

We're trying to improve the Events API attribution with the implementation of click ID because it's TikTok's most prioritized matching parameter. It’ll require some steps from your side.

The way it works is when a person clicks on your ad, TikTok will append the click ID (generated by itself) to the Ad URL ▶ when they land on your store, we see that click ID & will capture it ▶ then we tie it to the actions they take on your store ▶ then we send back to TikTok ▶ TikTok will look at this click id & try to match it with the user who clicked on the ad.

Here’s how to set it up when you create your ad:

If this is a bit technical for you, we’re here to help!

Updated on: 10/11/2022

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