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Do you deduplicate pixel & server (Events API) events?

This applies only if you have turned on Events API to work in parallel with Pixels for better event tracking. If you haven’t, check back here

💡 What’s deduplication? When you send both browser and server events to TikTok for one action, the 2 events should be merged and counted as one instead of two.

If deduplication doesn’t happen, you are doubling the events sent to TikTok, which is not accurate.

Benefits of sending both server and browser events

If there’s one thing we couldn’t stress enough about this, it’s that you would bring your ad tracking signal from good to great. This allows sending every matching parameter possible for TikTok to make an attribution!

Below are the matching parameters that come with both browser and server events:

IP address
User Agent
Email and Phone (hashed)

💡 Did you know? You won’t have this many matching signals if only the browser stream is enabled. So turn on Events API here

Why only now?

Before, if your Events API is on, we turn off your browser pixel stream, and vice versa.

💡 That wasn’t a bug! We meant to protect the data integrity of your account since Tiktok didn’t have deduplication at the time. If we had sent both, everything would have been double-counted. 😊

Now that TikTok deduplication has been rolled out for a while and we have been testing its stability, it worked!

Let’s get ahead with server events and deduplication!

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Updated on: 20/12/2022

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