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How to set up an email campaign?

The feature Notification of Order tracking is now updated. There are 3 highlights for this update that you may not want to miss.
Highlight 1: Connect with your Google account with only 1 click
We support you to skip email configuration which is quite complex before, and now you only need to choose your Google email address and connect it with the app.
Highlight 2: We provide many email templates for you to freely use for all of order statuses
Highlight 3: We provide 2 triggers which are Destination country & Carrier

By reading the flow guidance on how to set up an email campaign below, you would be able to deeply understand the updated notification feature

Step 1: Connect Business Email
When navigating to tab Notification v2, you instantly see the field to choose Gmail. Click Sign in with Google to connect your Google email with Omega.

After connecting with app successfully, you can see your account would be shown like this

Step 2: Choose Add campaign button

Step 3: Choose order statuses that you want to send emails to your customers and click Save & Next

Step 4: Set up emails
Choose the email template that you want to send by clicking on one template and click Save & Next button

Now you can see** From**/**To** and edit the Subject. To view variables that may be needed for your emails, click Variables

At this step, you can choose triggers for your email campaign. Triggers supported are Destination country & Carrier

Step 5: Edit email content
We still remain this email editing tool for you to easily edit everything

Step 6: Check general settings
This is the final step to finish setting up email campaigns. You can see there are 2 tabs: Customer and Merchant. Your setups above are only applied to tab Customer.
At this point, you can click to edit icon to edit every single email of order status, or you can activate/deactivate an email or choose other email templates.

If you have any questions or any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected]

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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