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Multiple TikTok Pixels - Enabling Theme App Extension for Online Store 2.0 Compatibility

How to enable theme app extension for Online Store 2.0 Compatibility

Step 1: Please go to our app and find the Event Settings tab --> Add Omega- Multiple TikTok Pixels Widget and click the link to be directed to your theme's customization

Step 2: Turn on the button to allow our app Omega- Multiple TikTok Pixels to work on your store.

Please do not forget to hit the button SAVE before you leave.

Why should you make it done as soon as possible?

Enabling App Embeds allows Omega to stay fully compatible with OS 2.0 & reduce the burden on your end. You don't need to manually add any scripts to the theme for the app to work, also no code removal is needed upon uninstall.
With this, you can be assured the app stops functioning at the moment you uninstall it.

Is enabling app embeds required?

It's not mandatory but highly recommended, given the mentioned benefits.

What if I've already added Omega scripts before this?

No worries. You can still enable app embeds and we will automatically switch the workaround. The app will work with your theme the "embeds" way from the moment you enable it.

What if Omega has added some custom snippets to my theme to track a special button?

If you enable app embeds, we'll carry over the custom snippet along with the embeds, so rest assured your customization will remain intact.

Updated on: 18/11/2022

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