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Why does it show NO INFO on tracking page?

- Please check if the courier of that order is in our supported list or not. The app only can track delivery shipments from supported carriers. Order Tracking by Omega currently supports over 180 carriers across the world.
Check out our list here:

- Please check if the order information on Shopify is correct. The app calls data from Shopify so please make sure the information on Shopify is accurate. Sometimes, your fulfillment partners might return data to your store admin with the correct tracking number but the wrong courier name. It is automatically classified as OTHER. Many tracking tools are worse off with this error and fail to track.

How to fix it?

Way 1: In case you notice there is any conflict in tracking information of your clients’ orders, please quickly contact your fulfillment partners/apps to request them to fix the glitch.

Way 2: Manually edit the right courier name in the app

Way 3: Please turn on the feature "Sync from Shopify's data" showing actual courier's tracking link on Omega tracking page. Ideally, once customer inputs tracking number of unsupported carriers to your branded page, we will show a tracking link redirecting them to official tracking page of that courier.

Go to App admin => Tracking page => Appearance => Custom Message for No info/Not found shipment

(When the status is No info or Not found on the tracking page, comfort your customers with a custom message)

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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