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Why you should be using TikTok Events API for server-side tracking

TikTok Events API is a server-side solution that allows for more thorough, accurate, flexible tracking. It requires much more effort than browser-based Pixel tracking but is more beneficial if done right.

In this article:

A. Compare TikTok Pixels and Events API
B. Omega - Multi TikTok Pixels vs. other TikTok Pixels installation app
C. Get ahead with TikTok Events API

A. Compare TikTok Pixels and Events API

Browser-side TikTok Pixels vs. Server-side Events API

When you enable Events API for a pixel, what our app does is to switch to a server-tracking mode and turn off the browser-side mode. The data tracked server-side is still tied to your pixel, just that you won't be seeing it on TikTok pixel helper anymore (because this extension only shows browser-side events).

Ideally, advertisers should be able to enable the browser-side pixel to work alongside the conversion API. Both streams of data should arrive and be deduplicated in the Event Manager (exactly what Facebook allows us to do, with our Facebook Multi Pixels app

Unfortunately, TikTok hasn't allowed deduplication yet so our app has to turn off one tool to avoid duplication of events + while maintaining data sufficiency regardless of browser block.

Checking server events:
Direct: See them in Event Manager
Parallel: Create another pixel without Events API enabled, then check with the TikTok Pixel Helper extension as you take actions on your website to see if our app captures events properly.

B. Omega - Multi TikTok Pixels vs. other TikTok Pixels installation app

Compare Omega Multiple TikTok Pixels vs. Other Pixel Installation App

C. Get ahead with TikTok Events API

Even though browser-side Pixels are easy to implement, Events API helps to:
- Reduce non-relevant impression: TikTok looks for people who are most likely to take the desired actions you set in the Optimization Event. The more accurate events data you give TikTok, the better the delivery.
- Retarget better: with a full view of conversion data, you'll be able to create a more accurate custom audience for Dynamic Retargeting Ads
- Expand better: based on a sufficient custom audience, you can create a lookalike that's more thorough.

With Events API, you'll send more data for TikTok to work with

Example: You're running a Conversion campaign to get more people to view your product page, with the View Content optimization event. The more View Content events you send to TikTok, the more data TikTok will have in place to work with, the more relevancy there is.

Server-side tracking with TikTok Events API seems complicated at first. However, Omega - Multi TikTok Pixels app takes care of all the complexity behind it, so you can enjoy a turnkey solution just like browser-based Pixel installation. Start using Events API now!

Updated on: 20/12/2022

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