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Facebook Multi Pixel - Setup time zone

Most of the purchase event missing cases or receiving inconsistency reports are due to the time zone difference between platforms: Shopify, Omega app, and Facebook. So it is important to tell Shopify and Omega app what your time zone is.

First, you need to know which time zone on Facebook you are in:

Please go to in-app > Event setting tab > Find time zone box and click to the blue link below the box:

The link will direct you to Facebook guideline about changing time zone on Facebook:

If you can not find your Payment setting tab on Facebook, please click here

On your Payment setting, please scroll down, find Business info, then click Edit

Then click to see what your Facebook time zone is, you can also change it to timezone you want if you see it is not setup yet.

Now you already know what your Facebook Business manager timezone is, you can set it in to Omega app and Shopify:

On Omega Facebook Multi pixel app -> Event setting -> Timezone box

On Shopify -> Manage account -> General -> Timezone box

And done, no inconsistency report will ever happen!

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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