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Omega Multi Facebook Pixels Dashboard - A quick glance into your CAPI performance

💡 If you haven’t enabled CAPI to overcome browser limitations, definitely check this out on how to set it up.

If you have, check the Dashboard out to monitor overall server events sent. Omega Dashboard allows you to:

Filter events by date range and event name
Monitor server events sent to Facebook through Conversion API


You can only look up for data no more than 60 days into the past
The dashboard reports all server events sent, regardless of the pixel IDs.
The events are recorded at the time they happen, following the time zone you set in Event Setting

Prefer watching? Take a look at our demo below:

If you want to monitor server events by pixel and take a look at the Shopify orders corresponding to the purchase events sent, check out Omega Analytics tab.

If I don’t turn on server-side tracking for my pixel, will I still see collected events in the Dashboard?
Why doesn’t the event count look identical to my Shopify Analytics, e.g. with add to cart?

Updated on: 09/11/2022

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