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Facebook Multi Pixels - Product Feed


A data feed lets you bulk upload items to your catalog using a spreadsheet file. With our app, you just need to choose products for a data feed and our app will help you update all of the product information changes on Shopify to Facebook Catalog.
If you already have the catalog and want to feed or update the product, just one click with our feed feature.

Step 1: Select the Product feed tab, you can choose the option to feed all products in your store or you can feed products following their collection, type, tag, or only selected products

Step 2: After choosing products for a product feed, the app will automatically generate a product feed link.

You just copy the feed link and paste it into the feed source of a Facebook Catalog. Please follow these steps for details:
Go to your Facebook Commerce Manager. If you haven’t created a Facebook Catalog, please create a catalog in your Facebook first.
Please select the catalog you want to feed or update the product

Select Data Source to connect the new source > Click the button Add items > Choose the option Add Multiple Items > Choose the second option “Data Feed”

The boarding pop-up for bulk upload product appears, choose the Scheduled feed. Paste the feed link from our app (with ending feed.xml) and just leave the Save login details empty (it is optional), then click Next.

Select the time basis you want to update your feed as hourly, daily, or weekly and then name the data source, then click Upload to finish the process

Finally, you can go to the Items tab to check all product status

Below is the video guide to feed product into catalog

Updated on: 09/11/2022

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