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OMEGA ATTRIBUTION REPORT - Get report right, in time & scale big!

Who is this for? Anyone who has been tired of waiting for Facebook to show you which ads got the sales in the Ads Manager, can’t stand delay or inaccurate attribution to the right campaigns.

How does Omega Ads Attribution Report work?

Your job: it’s super simple. All you need is to put our UTM string to the UTM parameter box at the ad level and set up everything else as you normally do. The string acts as a tag for the ad.
Omega’s job: break down the values we see in the links when your visitors first land on your site from the ads and tie the actions (events) they take to the right campaign, ad sets, and ads.

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1: Copy Omega’s UTM string to put into your ad


Step 2: Paste the string to the UTM parameter box, under Tracking in the Ad setup:

Step 3: View the reports

Campaign breakdown

Timely + accurate attribution: Know which ads/ad sets/campaigns got the sales (purchases) and other higher funnel events (page views, add to carts, initiate checkouts). You can filter back for as far as 60 days.

Sales report

Top product performance: Understand which top products your ads attract the most sales of, and which ads those sales came from.
See all orders coming from ads: you’ll be able to view a list of orders and the campaign they came from. There’s also a clickable link that leads you to the order detail in Shopify Admin

Combining these, you’ll own a host of valuable insights to adjust your creative and campaign budget with confidence. Contact us if you stumble upon something hard to solve!

Omega Ads Attribution Report - FAQs

Updated on: 09/11/2022

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