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Facebook Multi Pixels - Sell on Facebook - Upload your products to Facebook Catalog


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If you wish to run DPA ads (Dynamic Product Ads for retargeting), then you should definitely familiarize yourself with connecting your Shopify products to a Facebook Catalog.
Find out why Omega Catalog is a game-changer for Dynamic Product Ads

What’s a catalog?

Simply put, it’s a container that holds all the items your shop sells that you’ve submitted to Facebook.

How to connect your Shopify products to a catalog?

Through a data feed. A feed contains all the items taken from your Shopify & their information (titles, price, image, link, etc.). Since your product source changes over time, this feed needs to stay the most up-to-date. Omega will take care of all this. Let’s set this up.

Connect Omega to a Facebook Catalog & Set up your data feed

Review your Catalog

Connect the Catalog with a pixel (important)

It’s a must to run retargeted ads. The pixel logs all events where people show interest in certain products, together with the product id. Say you want to retarget people who have added item X to cart but have not yet purchased, you need to give Facebook both the item ID & the information about people who have taken actions. This is where you need the pixel data.

That’s it. You’ve successfully linked your products to Facebook and can now start designing your retargeting ads campaigns.

Below is the video guide to create a new catalog

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Updated on: 09/11/2022

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