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Country Delivery Settings

If you want to display estimated shipping date in customer's country view, select layout Country Delivery, then move to Country tab.

List countries
Click "Country Rule" to add new:

Please be noted that you can not add a new country for your shipment in the app. The list of available countries can be found and edited in Settings/Shipping section of your store.
Set up an estimated date for the chosen country, and click Save to complete.

You can edit a rule by clicking Edit icon, in where you will find more categories to adjust:
Add a courier if possible:

In case a country contains several provinces, regions or cities, you might want to apply custom shipping rule to different regions. Provinces subcategory allows you to pick region and customize shipping date:

You can also apply rules for products in Specific Products section:

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Estimated Date Layout
Zipcode Shipping Settings

Updated on: 03/08/2021

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