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Zipcode Shipping Settings

In Settings tab/ Layout, select Zipcode Shipping, then move on to Zipcode tab.

Get Customer Zipcode : the app automatically collects your customers' zipcodes based on IP address. It is indeed useful, but it will slow down the app performance.
Specific tab
Here you can select what shipping date to show with 4 options: All Products, Specific Vendors, Specific Collection or Specific Product. Except for option "All Product", the other three can be customized in the Specific tab:

For example, you want to show estimated shipping date for specific product, go to Specific Products section and create new rule for products:

The same can be applied for Specific Collections and Specific Vendors.
List Zipcodes
Now, whichever you have chosen to show estimated date, you must set up a list of zipcodes for shipping. Create zipcode rules and let customers know if their region is available for shipping or not:

Actions column: you can edit or remove a rule/zipcode etc. by clicking on either one of the two buttons:
Form Settings
Customize the text displays on your store:

On live store:

Some additional settings can be found on the bottom of the tab page. When customers check their zipcode availability, the system will automatically show results including zipcode availability, COD, etc.

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Updated on: 03/08/2021

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