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Configure General Settings of Estimated Shipping Date app

Week Working Day
Set up dates for the app to show estimated shipping information:

Cut-off time is when you stop taking orders in a day.
The minimum shipping day automatically adds 1 more day after cut-off time.
Display config

You can customize the text shows on the screen by adjusting the size, color as well as text position on the page as below:

Cart layout is only available for Estimated Date option

There are 4 default positions to display estimated information from the app:
Under "Add to cart" button
Under product's description
Under product's price
Under product's title.
You an customize it by adding codes to the Custom Positions bar to custom the position you prefer. However, this method requires knowledge for advanced coding, hence, please contact us at [email protected] for support.
Date Config

Day offs: Add your special day-off in a year, then click the Select a Date bar to pick the calendar date.

Format: choose a date format that you want to show estimated information
Language: Language of date
Timezone: The time zone that our app will base on to show estimated information. If you sell cross country, you can choose default customer time zone. Otherwise, you can choose your time zone to show estimated time based on yours.
Countdown Config
Firstly, you need to choose the Timer CountDown Format among a list of default timer styles for your new element. Fill in the timer in Phrase section which will be shown on your store. Leave it blank if you don’t use this feature.

You can insert the emoji in the text to show on your store as well. You can take the emoji from this link:

This is how Timer CountDown will display on the online store platform after setting up its format and phrase:

NOTE: {TimeCountDown} is a variable to display the time countdown, this variable can not be renamed, only its position can be changed to fit the title

Advanced Config

Show for each product on cart page: When enable, this button allows you to display shipping information along with the product description on the cart page:

Auto Detect Customer's Zipcode/Country: When enable, the app will automatically detect customer place based on IP address, however, please note that this will make the application a bit slower if you enable it.
Show on pages: tick the option to show estimated information on each page. The app will be automatically applied if you choose product page. For cart page, it will show under product title. To show on home page, collection page or other page, you need to add this script: <div class="ot-estimated-shipping"></div> at place you would like to show.
For support, please contact us at [email protected] or ping us a message.
Enable debugger: this section is to check the error of the app, this section is for development team.
Disable when product is out of stock: When a product is out of stock, you can hide that product's shipping date. However please note that this function might slow down your application performance.
Require estimated date before adding product to cart: this option is used when you want the products must have estimated date before customers check out.
Min all file js from app: minimize the js file
Custom Css: add css in this section to customize the style such as text, color, it requires knowledge of html3 and css
Clear Cache: If you change the shipping information in the app, sometimes it might not be updated immediately on your store. Therefore, clearing cache lets your customers see the most recent change you made.
How to customize display position for Estimated Shipping Date?
Configure General Settings of Estimated Shipping Date app

Updated on: 03/08/2021

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