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Estimated Date Layout

Shipping Methods
In the Settings tab, choose Estimated Date in Layout selection, then move on to the next tab, which is Estimated Date. In this tab, you'll be able to set up your own shipping method for either all or particular products.

Click New Shipping method to customize your shipping method. In the picture above we have created 2 examples for you.

Minimum days indicates the number of days you need to prepare the goods and ready to ship.
Estimated days is the number of days it takes to ship to your customers.
Privacy: a summary of your Shipping Policy with most important points
Click Create to save new method.

You can always edit or delete a method by clicking on the 2 icons next to the method's name:

After creating a new method, Set private button will appear: When this button is disabled, the method can be applied to every product in every collection on your store. However, when you turn it on, the method will only display on specific products that you have set rule.

Specific Rules
To set a rule for a method or product, collection or vendor, refer to the Specific Rules below:

Please note that if you enable this option: The rule that you set only apply to products in the list of specific rules.

To set a rule, please follow these steps below:
Step 1: Click New Rule, then choose your preferred method

Step 2: Configure the rule. This step is similar to creating a new shipping method, and you can either enable or disable it:

Step 3: The rule you have just configured will be applied to your selected products/collections/vendors:

Step 4: You can preview the rule before saving

In this section, you can choose to display your rules with either a shipping method or target audience, whichever benefits you.
Note: You can easily identify a private method by a lock icon above the method's name:

Extra Policy Info
If you would like to give your customer more detailed information about your shipping policy, you can use this section:

On live store:

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Updated on: 24/07/2022

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